SUPERPCENGINEGRAFX is currently under construction.

In the future you'll find coverage of the entire world of Turbografx/PC Engine including PC-FX, Laseractive as well as what will hopefully be the largest english language Tengai Makyou section.

In the meantime you can preview some of the upcoming content below the Updates.



July 9th, 2006: Added 4 new videos, 2 each of the Sega Saturn games Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV and Saturn Bomberman.
July 6th, 2006: Added the new PC Engine Audio Deathmatch section. There you'll witness no-holds-barred battles to the death featuring the mighty Turbo/PC Engine music against any and all oncomers. The first contestants are Devil's Crush for the Turbografx-16 versus Dragon's Fury for the Sega Genesis. As usual, the only rule is: no emulators allowed!
July 4th, 2006: Added the Gate Of Thunder EGM Gold Award magazine ad, Turbografx-16 pack-in poster and Radio Shack Turbo Duo/Super CD pamphlet.
July 3rd, 2006: Added the complete Turbo Duo section of the Electronic Gaming Monthly 1993 Video Game Preview Guide. Not only does it have 5 large pages full of Duo previews, it also features pretty much everything ever released about the infamous Ironman 32-bit PC Engine successor. Also created the Resources section with my new and improved Shapeshifter map and english Ys IV CD label.
July 2nd, 2006: Added 4 PC-FX videos and recently changed the format of the main page so that everything is divided by format.
June 18th, 2006: Added the Aeroblasters: Trouble Specialty Mix mp3, a medley of all the PSG music in the game.
June 16th, 2006: A few days ago I redid the Sapphire bootleg comparision which is now titled "Sapphire Counterfeit Debunker". It's several pages long and has everything you'd ever need to know about the bootleg or the real thing.




Unless otherwise noted, all audio & video was captured using real hardware and all screenshots captured through emulation.


















Radio Shack Super CD Pamphlet

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EGM 1993 Video Game Preview Guide

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Lords Of Thunder Creationist Magazine Ad

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Johnny Turbo Episode #43

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Turbo Force Issue 3

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